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Balloon Release

Balloon Releases are often held at the end of a graveside service on the cemetery grounds, but are also held for many other purposes like church services, weddings, birthdays, business marketing tools and many other special occasion.

Memorial Balloon Releases

We provide balloons for the funeral, burial and/or memorial service of a loved one. Keep in mind that a funeral or memorial service can take place almost anywhere at any time. From a traditional setting to a favorite indoor or outdoor location, that best reflects your family's beliefs and the life or interests of your loved one

A Balloon Release is a meaningful way to bring closure to a graveside service. Family and friends can each release a balloon into the air quite often with a prayer or by sharing a recalled memory. Releasing balloons can symbolize many things such as sending prayers and messages to Heaven, the soul taking flight to Heaven, or a sign of letting go of grief.

** Our Balloons Are 100% Biodegradable **
**Environmentally Safe**

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